2008 Ratings as of November 23, 3:37 pm
by Average Computer Rating (ACR)

Division 1


Mid-Atlantic  Mideast  Northeast  South West   All

1Iowa18-5 98.50.6390.591
2Michigan State17-6 98.00.6110.569
3Louisville14-7 97.20.5930.569
4Ohio State14-7 97.00.5470.507
5California13-5 96.70.5560.501
6Kent State17-5 96.70.5930.533
7Michigan8-12 95.80.5370.582
8Miami14-7 95.80.5210.473
9Ohio11-12 95.50.5400.560
10Indiana7-11 95.00.4930.528
11Stanford9-11 94.90.4990.515
12Northwestern7-13 94.80.4920.539
13Central Michigan8-12 94.70.5060.541
14Pacific6-12 93.70.4760.523
15Missouri State5-15 92.70.3980.448
16Ball State2-17 92.20.3730.462
17Saint Louis3-13 91.50.3590.416

1Team Records: Only divisional games are included in the records here.  The same holds true for the three ratings described below.

2Average Computer Rating: An equal weighting of two computer ratings, one based solely on goal differentials (with a 5-goal limit to greatly reduce any effects of "running up the score") and one based solely on wins and losses

3Ratings Percentage Index = 0.25 * team's record + 0.50 * opponent's record + 0.25 * opponent's-opponent's record

4Strength of Schedule = (2/3) * opponent's record + (1/3) * opponent's-opponent's record

  • Click the column headers to sort the table by that field (in descending order for ratings and alphabetically for teams).

  • In the case of opponent's record in RPI and SOS, games involving the target team have been removed.

  • These calculations are provided only for entertainment purposes.  The SOS and ACR have no bearing on selection to the NCAA, while the NCAA's official RPI will be produced and published in October and November.

  • Formulas are constant across schools, allowing comparisons to be valid.