2009 Ratings as of November 15, 5:25 pm
by Average Computer Rating (ACR)

Division 2

North  South    All

1Bloomsburg21-1 100.00.6730.579
2Shippensburg20-3 99.20.5910.499
3East Stroudsburg14-7 97.70.5880.562
4Kutztown12-8 97.50.5490.532
5UMass-Lowell18-6 97.20.5680.507
6Stonehill17-5 97.10.5900.529
7Millersville9-10 96.90.5420.565
8Bentley16-5 96.70.5540.485
9Mercyhurst10-8 96.70.5250.515
10IUP6-8 96.70.5530.594
11C. W. Post8-9 96.50.5460.571
12Merrimack13-8 95.90.5340.505
13Mansfield5-12 95.60.4740.534
14Adelphi12-8 95.60.4960.461
15Bellarmine4-5 94.90.4300.425
16Slippery Rock3-16 94.80.4410.535
17Franklin Pierce9-9 94.80.4890.485
18Seton Hill5-11 94.40.4660.518
19Southern Connecticut6-14 94.30.4520.502
20Catawba3-5 93.80.5070.551
21American International6-12 93.70.4360.470
22Saint Michael's4-14 93.40.4320.502
23Assumption3-15 93.00.3910.466
24Limestone1-11 92.40.3700.465
25Saint Anselm1-16 92.20.3640.466

1Team Records: Only divisional games are included in the records here.  The same holds true for the three ratings described below.

2Average Computer Rating: An equal weighting of two computer ratings, one based solely on goal differentials (with a 5-goal limit to greatly reduce any effects of "running up the score") and one based solely on wins and losses

3Ratings Percentage Index = 0.25 * team's record + 0.50 * opponent's record + 0.25 * opponent's-opponent's record

4Strength of Schedule = (2/3) * opponent's record + (1/3) * opponent's-opponent's record

  • Click the column headers to sort the table by that field (in descending order for ratings and alphabetically for teams).

  • In the case of opponent's record in RPI and SOS, games involving the target team have been removed.

  • These calculations are provided only for entertainment purposes.  The SOS and ACR have no bearing on selection to the NCAA, while the NCAA's official RPI will be produced and published in October and November.

  • Formulas are constant across schools, allowing comparisons to be valid.