2018 Ratings as of December 1, 2:48 pm
by Record

Division 2

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1Pace18-3 98.60.5940.506
2West Chester17-3 99.80.6500.614
3Shippensburg19-4 99.50.6200.555
4Merrimack18-4 98.50.5910.515
5Lindenwood12-3 97.80.5600.475
6Limestone14-4 97.70.5800.535
7East Stroudsburg16-5 99.70.6260.612
8Kutztown14-5 98.40.5430.458
9LIU Post13-5 98.00.5410.465
10Millersville14-6 98.50.5650.519
11Saint Anselm15-7 97.80.5580.524
12Stonehill13-7 98.00.5510.521
13Bloomsburg11-7 97.90.5490.536
14Assumption12-8 97.30.5340.516
15Molloy10-7 95.90.4420.343
16Bentley11-8 96.90.5260.512
17Southern New Hampshire10-9 97.00.5230.532
18Adelphi9-9 96.60.4920.485
19Queens (NC)9-10 95.50.4770.481
20Coker6-7 95.40.4570.436
21Mansfield8-10 96.60.4800.476
 Newberry8-10 95.20.4510.448
23Bellarmine7-9 95.20.4530.442
24Belmont Abbey6-9 94.80.4320.433
25Slippery Rock6-11 96.10.4470.457
26Franklin Pierce6-12 95.70.4570.498
27Mercy5-12 94.80.4300.490
28Mercyhurst5-13 95.50.4340.471
29St. Thomas Aquinas3-13 94.10.3920.456
30American International3-14 94.00.4110.482
 Saint Michael's3-14 95.10.4190.497
 IUP3-14 95.60.4380.529
33New Haven2-15 93.10.3930.484
34Converse1-14 92.90.3750.489
35Southern Connecticut0-18 93.20.3920.537
 Seton Hill0-18 94.00.4240.592

1Team Records: Only divisional games are included in the records here.  The same holds true for the three ratings described below.

2Average Computer Rating: An equal weighting of two computer ratings, one based solely on goal differentials (with a 5-goal limit to greatly reduce any effects of "running up the score") and one based solely on wins and losses

3Ratings Percentage Index = 0.25*W/L pct. + 0.50*SOS + 0.25*opponents' SOS

4Strength of Schedule = Avg. of opponents' W/L pct. when not playing that team

  • Click the column headers to sort the table by that field (in descending order for ratings and alphabetically for teams).

  • In the case of opponent's record in RPI and SOS, games involving the target team have been removed.

  • Calculations are provided only for entertainment purposes.  The ACR has no bearing on tournament selection, while the NCAA's official SOS and RPI are produced and published in October and November.

  • Formulas are constant across schools, allowing comparisons to be valid.